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What is a Bike Tour in Buenos Aires

    In this post we’ll tell you what a Bike Tour in Buenos Aires is.

    You’ll also learn how to hire it.

    We’ll give you information for you to decide what the best route for you is.

    And last but not least, we’ll offer our recommendation on which is the best bicycle tour company in the city.

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    What is a Bike Tour?

    Tour guide introducing a landmark during bike tour in Buenos Aires.
    Tour guide introducing a landmark during bike tour in Buenos Aires.

    A Bike Tour in Buenos Aires is a guided city tour by bike, in which you’ll visit the highlights of the city.

    There is a guide who leads the bike tour and shows the route for the group to follow them.

    Stops are made in the urban landmarks.

    So the guide introduces either their historical, cultural or current social significance.

    These tours are generally offered in open groups, so you can share your experience with other people visiting Buenos Aires. (However, there is also the possibility of booking a private bike tour).

    It is very frequent that people from different countries from all over the world meet up in a group.

    So, in the end, there’s usually a very enriching cultural exchange among the participants of the tour.

    What is a Bike Tour in Buenos Aires like?

    Group Bike Tour
    Getting ready to start the bike tour.

    This is the way these tours run:

    • You should first contact the company that organizes the tours. They’ll tell you how to complete a booking. You should receive information: about the meeting point, start time and, of course, also about the payment. Most of the times, you can do the booking online and receive an automated confirmation.
    • Once you arrive to the meeting point, the tour guide will welcome you. After all greetings, each participant of the bike tour will take a bicycle, a helmet and a bottle of water.
    • You could test the bike and set the seat height according to your comfort. You could also check which is the helmet that best suits your head size.
    • The guide will make a briefing about the places that will be visited in the tour. They’ll also give the safety recommendations for riding on the streets of Buenos Aires.
    • The bike tour will run at a suitable pace so that you are able to look around and enjoy the urban scenery. It shouldn’t be too fast but not too slow either. Bear in mind that if you are on a group tour, you must adapt your rhythm to the group pace. In the case of private tours, the tour is done at the pace desired by the participants.
    • Each stop at the highlights will be indicated by the guide. They’ll introduce the place that is being visited. The leader will, of course, guide the conversation so that participants could ask questions and make comments as well.
    • The city tour will end at the same place as the meeting point. Unless you have reserved an option to end your tour at a different point in the city, of course.

    What are the Bike Tour route options in Buenos Aires?

    Visiting La Boca area in Buenos Aires
    Visiting La Boca area in Buenos Aires.

    Practically all the bike tour companies in Buenos Aires designed their routes considering a separation between the North and the South of the city.

    There are big differences between the North and South areas of Buenos Aires.

    It is not by chance that the tours are also designed this way.

    There is a line that divides the city between North and South.

    This virtual border is represented by Avenida de Mayo and then followed by Avenida Rivadavia.

    In the South side we find the oldest areas of Buenos Aires.

    BA is a city that developped thanks to its port activity, so it is easy to understand why it has grown around the port areas.

    The South of Buenos Aires includes the following highlights: Caminito, La Boca neighborhood, Plaza de Mayo, Puerto Madero, San Telmo and Monserrat.

    On the other hand, we have the most modern part of the city, which is the North.

    It is the area where the wealthy people of Buenos Aires settled down in the late 18th century.

    This part of the city, surrounded by green areas and wide avenues, was designed following a “Parisian” inspiration.

    The attractions that we find in the North of Buenos Aires are: Recoleta neighborhood including its cemetery, the Floralis Generica monument and Palermo area with all its versions: Soho, Hollywood and Bosques de Palermo.

    There are clear differences between the North and the South of the city.

    These differences correspond mainly to the social classes that inhabit each area.

    This is why the government shows more or less interest in each one.

    And this is easy to observe this when visiting these places.

    In the North of the city we find a large network of bike lanes.

    Its implementation was easier, considering the streets and avenues of these areas are very wide.

    They had been designed thinking of a city more populated than Buenos Aires actually was in its origins.

    Furthermore in the South we find narrower streets and, in some cases, streets with cobblestones.

    The good thing of visiting this part of the city, known as “the City Center”, is that traffic is restricted between 11am and 4pm.

    The city government wants to discourage drivers from moving around in the area.

    So, to sum up, we have a bike tour route that takes us around the South side of the city and another bike tour route that goes through the North side of the city.

    If your plan is to visit all Buenos Aires (North and South) in a single day, you could take a full-day bike tour in Buenos Aires.

    This option is also offered by the vast majority of bike tour companies.

    How to book a Bike Tour in Buenos Aires?

    Bikes ready for the tour
    Bikes ready for the tour, waiting for the people to arrive.

    In almost all bike tour companies, the booking is made online through a booking platform.

    We do not recommend showing up for a bike tour without a previous reservation.

    Since the number of participants is usually limited, you may not find a spot available for you.

    The payment is generally made online by credit card or through “Paypal“.

    Which is the best Bike Tour offered in Buenos Aires?

    Bike Tour in Palermo with Biker Street
    Bike Tour in Palermo with Biker Street

    The answer to this question is the easiest one. Without a doubt, Biker Street is the best bike tour offer in Buenos Aires.

    And you’ll be able to find out why by clicking on the following button:

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