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Bookings are online. If you’d like to book directly at the meeting point you should pay in cash with the exact amount of money. Without a previous reservation, we can’t guarantee we’ll have a spot available nor that the bike tour will run.

If you’d like to cancel a booking, and if you notified us 24 hours before departure time, we could make a partial refund. We’ll refund 80% of the full fee, but the 20% down payment won’t be refunded. For futher information please check our Terms and Conditions, point 14.

You could contact us through WhatsApp at 54 911 5634 5123 or at 54 911 6713 4438. You could also contact us through our contact form on the website.

You could pay through the booking engine on our website with credit card. If you preffer to pay with Paypal, please contact us and we’ll send you the payment request.

You could reschedule your booking if you notified us more than 24 hours before the tour starts. The rescheduled date will depend on our tour schedule availability. In case it didn’t match your availability, the payment made will not be refundable, but you could keep the credit for a future trip. For futher information please check our Terms and Conditions, point 14.

We could wait for you just for 10 minutes after departure time, then the bike tour will start. If you don’t show up on time, no refund or rescheduling is possible. For futher information check our Terms and Conditions point 7.

If it’s raining we’ll ride the bike tour anyway. Just in case of a storm by departure time and if it is not safe to ride a bike, we’ll cancel the tour and you could reschedule it or we’ll refund your payment. Please check our Terms and Conditions point 14.4 for futher information.

Departure time depends on the option you’d like to book. Our Total BA Full Day Bike Tour and our History & Local Culture Morning Bike Tour depart at 9 am. The Paris of South America Bike Tour starts at 2pm. And last but not least, our History & Local Culture Afternoon Bike Tour starts either at 2 pm or at 2.30 pm depending on the season (please check this out on our website).

You could join us in our regular bike tours with children older than 12 years old or taller than 155 cm. Younger kids could join us in a private bike tour. Besides, all people under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

No, the routes of our regular bike tours are fixed. You could customize your route if you book a private bike tour.

Yes, we’ll do several stops to talk about the places we’re visiting and you’ll have time to take pictures and to ask questions. Besides, our mate stop is the perfect opportunity to talk about other subjects that may interest you.

Yes, we have a child seat available for kids up to 18 kg.

The tour is guided in only 1 language, so you don’t waste time hearing a language you don’t understand or listening twice to similar questions or information.

Caminito is included in 2 of our regular bike tours: Total BA Full Day Bike Tour, History & Local Culture Bike Tour.

Our regular bike tours have a maximum of 6 people. If your group is larger, you could book the same tour as a private city tour.

We have different size of bikes available, confortable for people from 155 cm tall to 200 cm tall. Ask us about bikes for kids.

All our bike tours are really nice. The most complete city tour is the Total BA Full Day Bike Tour.

We offer different bike tours with different routes. You could read the description of each bike tour to see the highlights we visit in each tour.

Yes, in our bike tours we have scheduled some bathroom stops. We always recommend taking these chances to visit a restroom.

We recommend you not to bring a lot of things, you’ll just need your camera to take pictures and maybe some pocket money if you’d like to buy a souvenir.

Please contact us before booking your bike tour to tell us about your allergy so that we could confirm if there is an option for you.

Yes, veggie option is available for the bike tours in which lunch is offered.

“Mate” is the most popular drink in Argentina. It’s an infusion made with hot water and the leaves of “yerba mate” plant.

All of our regular bike tours include: use of bike and helmet, 500ml water bottle, super friendly local guide and mate tasting stop. Lunch is not included in our afternoon bike tours. Recoleta Cemetery tickets are included.

Lunch is included in our full day bike tours and in our bike tours during the morning. We eat at a traditional food truck or at a traditional empanadas shop, please check it at the description of the bike tour you’d like book.

Yes, Buenos Aires is the most bike friendly city in Latin America. The city is full of bike lanes and, furthermore, the City Center is closed for private cars on week days during work hours.

Yes, if it’s a regular backpack you could leave it at the meeting point.

In that case we recommend you join one of our half day bike tours. They are easy because Buenos Aires City doesn’t have hills and riding is generally easy .

Unfortunately being able to ride a bike is a requirement. If you book a bike tour and you can’t ride a bike, the tour will depart without you and you won’t get any refund.

Yes, it’s really easy because Buenos Aires is flat, so, having no hills, it doesn’t demand lot of effort.

La Boca has a bad reputation, but the tourist areas of La Boca are usually covered and it’s generally safe.

We recommend you wear confortable clothes to ride a bike. We also recommend you wear light colors during summer time, when it’s hot, and a jacket in winter, when it’s cold.