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Total BA Full Day City Bike Tour

Max 6 ppl

At 9 am

For 8 hours

Difficulty level medium

Mon to Sat


Cemetery Ticket

traditional local snack, mate (infusion),

+ (drink + a sandwich at a traditional “parrilla” food truck, veggie option available),

+ with gears & suspension + helmet

500 ml bottle of water,

English speaking local guide.

Total BA Full Day City Bike Tour​

Meet your local host

Meet Carlos, Julián or Gilda at 2269, Armenia St, to start our full day bike tour. We’ll see the contrasts of a city identified with the european culture but marked by inequalities of Latin America. In this complete city tour you’ll see the newest and the oldest in BA, the working class areas and the rich areas. This is for sure the best way to start your trip to the city.

A single language per tour

Tours are guided in just 1 language so you don’t spend time hearing something you don´t understand.

Tasting Stop​s

We’ll do 2 stops, to try the most popular things in Argentina. On one side mate, it’s an infusion with hot water you drink from a cup through a metal straw. (Yes, we know that looks weird or illegal, but it’s just like tea lol) Then we’ll have lunch at a traditional food truck, where you could enjoyed some orginal sandwiches that locals usually eat. Make the most of your time asking everything you want to know at this long stops.

Highlights in our Bike Tour:​

Caminito: ​

Photo Shoot in Colorfull Caminito Area

Caminito: ​

Caminito is an open door museum at the south of Buenos Aires. It’s a colorful place where you don’t want to miss the chance to take lot of pictures. We’ll spend there around 30 minutes where you could walk around, drink a coffee or a beer (not included) and see how used to live the immigrants at the area.

Cementerio de Recoleta:

It’s the oldest cemetery in Buenos Aires, and one of the most famous and fancy cemetery around the world. Each piece of land was sell to a rich family in Argentina to build there impressive mausoleums. To have a grave there gave to the families “status“, and they competed to each other about who has the most luxurious one. You’ll have around 30 minutes to walk around this memorable place. *Recoleta Cemetery ticket included.

Cementerio de Recoleta:

Recoleta Cemetery Mausoleums in Buenos Aires

San Telmo:

Biking aroung San Telmo

San Telmo:

San Telmo is one of the oldest areas in Buenos Aires just a few blocks away from Plaza de Mayo. The barrio keeps the spirit of the origins of the city with some original architecture and the cobblestones on the streets. Nowadays is a really popular area full of bars, restaurants and night clubs but also is a traditional place for antique shops.

Plaza de Mayo:

Plaza de Mayo is a city square and the place where Buenos Aires was founded, so it’s known like “the center” of the city. It’s the neurotic nerve of Argentina, it’s where people go to demonstrate or celebrate the important things that happen in our country. Around Plaza de Mayo are all the important buildings in the city like: government house, national bank, economy ministry, cathedral of BA, etc.

Plaza de Mayo:

Jacaranda Season in Plaza de Mayo, next to Cabildo

Floralis Generica:

Super friendly bike tour

Floralis Generica:

Floralis Generica is one of the modern icons in Buenos Aires. It’s a huge metal flower made with 18 tons of metals recycled from airplanes. This sculpture was donated by Eduardo Catalano to the city in the year 2002. The sculpture is located in a park at Recoleta neighborhood and next to the “Universidad de Derecho” (law university), so there is full of students during the year, and of course it’s full of tourist taking pictures.

Puerto Madero:

Puerto Madero was the first port building in Buenos Aires city, it was a symbol of the rich country that used to be Argentina at the end of XIX century and the beginning of the last century. Just a few years after it was inaugurated, the port area was abandon and stop to work like a port, then at the beginning of the 90’s started a new project in the area to design the newest barrio in the city.

Puerto Madero:

Puerto Madero Visit

La Boca District:

Bike tour to Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires

La Boca District:

La Boca is a working class “barrio” (middle class / poor class area) where used to settle the immigrants who came from Europe during the centuries XIX and XX. There is the famous soccer stadium of Boca Juniors team “La Bombonera”. The area is also full of street art, and in the barrio is also Caminito.

Palermo Area:

Palermo is the biggest district in Buenos Aires. Palermo has different areas that were name in the last years to identify them. For instance there is Bosques de Palermo (a huge green area), Palermo Soho (coolest area in BA), Palermo Chico (fancy area where live the richest people in the city) and Palermo Viejo (residential middle up class area).

Palermo Area:

City bike tour to Palermo Chico

Recoleta Area:

City Tour to Recoleta Area in Buenos Aires

Recoleta Area:

Recoleta is a posh area. There is where the high classes settled at the end of XIX century and still there. This barrio is located in the North of Buenos Aires, the architecture of the buildings, the coffee shops, the way to dress of the people who live there, the way to speak, everything is different in the neighborhood if you compare with the rest of the city. In Argentina are big differences between classes and Recoleta area is a good example.

Bookings are online. If you’d like to book directly at the meeting point you should pay in cash with the exact amount of money. Without a previous reservation, we can’t guarantee we’ll have a spot available nor that the bike tour will run.

The difficulty level for the Total BA bike tour is “medium”. The city of Buenos Aires is flat, so it does not require a lot of physical effort, but this is a full day bike tour. We pedal around 30 km, so if you are not used to riding a bicycle, we recommend you do one of our half-day bike tours.

The approximate lenght of the Total BA city tour by bike is around 4 hours. So, 99% of the the tours end around 6:30 p.m. The duration of the bike tour is not exact since it will depend on several factors such as: traffic, the pace of the group, if we need to do a quick fix to a bicycle, change an inner tube, etc.

The tour is guided in only 1 language, so you don’t waste time hearing a language you don’t understand or listening twice to similar questions or information.

La Boca has a bad reputation, but the tourist areas of La Boca are usually covered and it’s generally safe.


Recoleta Cemetery ticket.
The use of a bike with gears and suspension, as well as a helmet.
A 500ml bottle of water.
A drink (non alcoholic) + a sandwich at a traditional “parrilla” food truck, veggie option available.
Mate and alfajores.
Local guide (super friendly).

Our regular bike tours have a maximum of 6 people. If your group is larger, you could book the same tour as a private city tour.

The price is USD35. Payment is made online by credit card on our booking engine or through Paypal.

Departure time for the Total BA full day bike tour is at 9:00 am. We recommend arriving 10 minutes earlier so that you have time to set the bike to your liking, choose the helmet, etc. Furthermore, since it is a group tour, we cannot wait for you more than 10 minutes after departure time and we will have to start the tour only with those who have shown up.

The meeting point and the place where the Total BA bike tour ends is at 2269, Armenia St. (Palermo area)

Bike tours are available from Monday to Saturday. If you are interested in doing this bike tour on a Sunday you can book this same option as a private bike tour, please contact us in that case.

In the Total BA full-day bike tour we visit: Caminito, Recoleta Cemetery, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo, Floralis Generica, Puerto Madero, La Boca neighborhood, Palermo neighborhood, Recoleta neighborhood.

Meeting Point Location

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