We’re Julián and Carlos, or “Barba” and “Cali” for our Friends, of course that’s how you could call us.

We support the use of bike in cities, we love sports and outside activities. But especially we’re passionate about meeting new people every day and to interact with other cultures.

Before starting our project of bike tours, we have always been interested in building relationships with foreign people for fun and out of curiosity. Now we assume also the responsibility to bring you an unforgettable experience on bike in BA.

We started to offer our bike tours in Buenos Aires to show travelers how proud we’re about our city, our culture and our customs.

Discover BA City on a bike with Biker Street, we’d be really happy to meet you, and you could experience the details of excellence that only a small company served by its owners can offer to you. We’ll show you the city in a way you’ll feel that you’re biking with a friend in our intimate bike tours of 6 people maximum.

See you!