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7 Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Bike Tour Experience

    Are you ready to explore the fascinating streets of Buenos Aires by bike?

    Biker Street is here to make sure your trip is nothing short of extraordinary.

    With our intimate knowledge of the city and its unique corners, we’ve curated 7 essential tips that will not only enhance your bike tour, but also ensure that your memories will last long after your trip to Buenos Aires is over.

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    Punctuality Pays Off

    Ready to leave on time!
    Ready to leave on time!

    This is the first and undoubtedly the most important tip for starting a bike tour in Buenos Aires.

    If you miss the departure time, you would end up missing the tour.

    It’s necessary to arrive 10 minutes in advance for the check-in, so that we can make sure that everything is prepared for a timely departure.

    Getting from one point to another within the city of Buenos Aires, whether by car or public transportation, can often take significantly longer than the estimates provided by Google Maps or a GPS.

    To use public transportation, you’ll need a SUBE card. (For more information on the SUBE card, click here.)

    In many cases, the subway is the best choice.

    During rush hours, it may be a bit crowded due to the high volume of commuters, but taking the subway guarantees that you’ll reach your destination on time. 

    Unexpected traffic jams or even demonstrations can cause chaotic delays, which can be a significant setback.

    Keep this in mind if you’re planning to drive or take the bus. If you’re considering using services like UBER or Cabify, there are some additional factors to consider, and we’ve prepared an article that may provide valuable insight.

    For those interested in delving deeper into Buenos Aires’ transportation options, we’ve prepared an informative article that you may find useful.

    Arriving on time is of the utmost importance, especially since there may be other participants in your group and we want to avoid long waits before the start of the bike tour. 

    Arriving early will also give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable bike, adjust the height of your seat to your comfort, choose a helmet that fits you perfectly, and answer any questions you may have before starting the tour.

    Dress for Comfort and Style

    Bike tour to Recoleta Area

    Ensuring your comfort by dressing appropriately is paramount to an enjoyable biking experience, whether you’re exploring Buenos Aires or any other city.

    We recommend that you opt for sportswear, as it is ideally suited to the demands of the activity. Choose breathable fabrics and comfortable shoes for a smooth ride. 

    If possible, choose light-colored clothing; this can be especially beneficial in the summer months to counteract the heat.

    Of course, your personal comfort level is key. Remember, you know best what is right for you.

    Before heading out, take a moment to check the weather forecast for the day. This will help you prepare for the possibility of either heat or cold, and ensure that your clothing is appropriate for your comfort.

    Also, be prepared for unexpected rain by bringing a waterproof jacket.

    Opt for a Compact Camera

    Taking a selfie at Floralis Generica park.
    Taking a selfie at Floralis Generica park.

    When preparing for your bike trip, consider choosing a compact camera over a larger one for a more seamless experience.

    We recommend bringing a camera that fits easily in your pocket.

    While Buenos Aires is generally safe, there are certain areas where displaying an ostentatious camera could attract the attention of people with less than honorable intentions.

    In addition, carrying a bulky camera may interfere with your comfort while cycling.

    Using your cell phone or a compact camera is a more comfortable alternative.

    If you do decide to bring a larger camera, we recommend that you store it securely in a backpack and retrieve it only at designated stops. 

    Rest assured, our well-timed stops provide the perfect opportunity to document the city’s splendor without worry.

    This approach ensures that you capture the beauty of the city without compromising your enjoyment of the tour.

    Prioritize Hydration

    Our bike tours include a 500ml water bottle for each traveler.
    Our bike tours include a 500ml water bottle for each traveler.

    Staying hydrated is critical before, during and after your ride.

    This is even more important during the summer months when temperatures in the city can soar above 30°C. Staying hydrated isn’t just recommended, it’s essential.

    For your convenience, we’ll provide each participant with a 500ml bottle of water. If you find you need more hydration along the way, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll be happy to refill your water bottles as needed.

    Your comfort is our priority and proper hydration contributes to a more enjoyable and comfortable cycling experience.

    Another valuable tidbit to keep in mind during your stay in BA is that the city’s tap water is potable. Feel free to refresh yourself directly from the tap. 

    Travel Light, Travel Smart

    Small backpacks are ideal not to get too tired while riding.
    Small backpacks are ideal not to get too tired while riding.

    Choosing to carry a lighter load on the bike tour can greatly enhance your experience, as you’ll be carrying everything you bring with you for the entire trip.

    Keep in mind that our half day bike tours typically last between 3 and 4 hours, and for those who opt for a full day bike tour, it can last up to 8 hours.

    During this time, you’ll be responsible for carrying your backpack. Carrying a heavy backpack can lead to discomfort and challenges along the way.

    Remember, our bikes are equipped with a front pannier designed for storage.

    This bag provides a convenient solution for carrying a few essentials such as your sunglasses, sunscreen, and water bottle. If you happen to have a small purse, it can also fit snugly.

    Traveling light not only reduces physical stress, but also allows you to fully enjoy the sights of Buenos Aires.

    Shield Yourself from the Sun

    Wearing sunscreen is essential to enjoy sunny summer days in Buenos Aires.
    Wearing sunscreen is essential to enjoy sunny summer days in Buenos Aires.

    Due to Buenos Aires’ location in the Southern Hemisphere, where the ozone layer is relatively thinner, the sun’s rays can penetrate with increased intensity, potentially causing skin damage.

    Using sunscreen, especially during the summer months, is not only recommended, it’s essential to prevent skin damage. Remember that you’ll be exposed to the sun for the entire duration of your trip. 

    It’s a good idea to bring sunscreen with you, as you may need to reapply it several times due to perspiration.

    Make the Most of Restroom Breaks

    We'll let you know where is a toilet available on the bike tour route.

    Restroom facilities are typically limited on bike rides, so it’s wise to take advantage of available stops.

    We strongly recommend that you use the restroom facilities before you begin your ride, and take advantage of every opportunity to use the restroom.

    Even if you don’t feel the immediate need, you should use these moments wisely, as the next suitable stop may not come for a couple of hours.

    In Buenos Aires, you’ll find many public bathrooms that are free to use. In addition, many bars and restaurants are accommodating and allow non-customers to use their facilities.

    While we encourage you to plan ahead, it’s also important not to hesitate when nature calls. Just let us know, and we’ll find a place to stop.

    Few things are more uncomfortable than trying to hold it in during an exciting bike ride!

    Set Off on an Unforgettable Adventure

    With these 7 essential tips, you’ll be ready for an extraordinary bike tour experience with Biker Street.

    Buenos Aires beckons, and our personalized approach ensures that every moment leaves an indelible mark.

    As you pedal through the charming streets and fascinating corners of Buenos Aires, remember that this isn’t just a tour – it’s an immersion into the culture, history and soul of the city.

    From punctuality and comfortable clothing to camera selection and hydration, every tip will enhance your trip.

    Whether cruising or savoring local flavors, these tips pave the way for shared stories and connections.

    The Biker Street team will guide you and share the essence of Buenos Aires in a uniquely personal way.

    Get ready to create memories that last beyond the end of the tour.

    The Biker Street Team – Carlos, Julián & Gilda

    Remember, it’s not about the bike tour, it’s about the experience.