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Empanadas are a very characteristic product of Argentine cuisine.

The difference between empanadas is not only in their filling, the dough clearly also makes the difference as well as if they are fried or baked.

You will find thousands of places that offer empanadas, in practically all pizzerias they offer empanadas. If the pizza there is good, the quality of the empanadas is usually good too.

We are very demanding when it comes to empanadas, that’s why we don’t have many recommendations.

La Morada

I think this is the best place in the world to eat empanadas. They are baked, the dough is excellent and their fillings very tasty.

They have 2 shops, one in the neighborhood of Monserrat (a few blocks from Plaza de Mayo) and another in Barrio Norte.

The Monserrat store only opens at noon during the week and remains closed on weekends. Its public is clearly the office workers in the area.

Visiting this Monserrat place is an experience. Not only is it a restaurant, it is also a museum.

Its walls are covered by vintage products such as: dolls, posters, bottles, photos, etc.

Recommendation of empanadas to order: roquefort apio y nuez, carne picante, caprese, humita, muzzarela panceta y ciruela.



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