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Something that frightens travelers a bit, is where to eat Street Food. It is difficult to know the origin of the raw material, but the truth is that they are usually fresh products that are bought and sold the same day.

The truth is also, that one can consume a product in poor condition in any restaurant in the world.

So if you dare to put aside prejudices, here we give you recommendations on where to eat the best sandwiches.

La Doña

This food truck located in Costanera Sur, is the best in the area without a doubt.

If you visit the Costanera Sur (where Puerto Madero ends at its limit with the Río de la Plata) you will find many food trucks, the funny thing is that they are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They all have the same proposal of sandwiches, but of course the qualities of the products are not the same.

You will find on the bar of this food truck that have an important amount of topings such as eggplants, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, chimichurri, etc.

Something else to highlight about La Doña, is that it has a precious space under the trees, whose shadow is very grateful in the summer days.

Recommendation to order: choripan, bondiola sandwich, lomito sandwich.


Choripan Food Truck Carrito Costanera Sur

Nuestra Parrilla

It is a historic “Parrilla al paso” of San Telmo.

It is quite an experience to visit this place. The opening and closing time of the place is always uncertain, which makes it even more Buenos Aires.

While in recent years it became a popular place for tourists, it still retains its usual clientele, which are the neighbors of the neighborhood.

The aesthetics of this “Parrilla” is very characteristic of the less and less “Parrillas al paso” that remain in Buenos Aires

Recommendation to order: choripan, bondiola sandwich, vacio sandwich.


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