Where to get Pizza in Buenos Aires

This meal is what best represents our Italian roots. It’s super easy to find pizza in Buenos Aires, there are lots of pizzerias all over the city. But we have our favorite ones, those magic places that combine a great atmosphere with delicious food.

Pizza is usually cheap, and it is sold in slices. So don’t miss the opportunity to try as many as you can!

Almost all the pizzerias have a bar and there you can eat standing up. Specially in the city centre, you may see lots of people eating on the rush at midday. It is a very good alternative if you do not have time or do not want to wait, since the service is immediate.

El Cuartito

Located in Barrio Norte, very close to Recoleta, this is a typical Buenos Aires pizzeria.

The atmosphere and decoration there is very characteristic of the pizzerias of Buenos Aires. You could discover the popular culture: our passion for football, the tango roots, etc.

El Cuartito is a popular place to visit during the weekend or just any evening, so you may need to wait a bit in order to get a table or a place at the bar to eat standing.

Recommendation to order: Fugazzeta, fainá. To drink: Moscato. Dessert Tarantella.


Tio Felipe

This is undoubtedly the best pizzeria in San Telmo. It has a precious space with tables on the sidewalk, so it is ideal for summer evenings and to be in contact with the cobblestones and the atmosphere of the neighborhood.

The chairs and tables do not match each other, that gives a touch of originality, which was undoubtedly not planned.

It is located in a small passage, but with the help of google maps you will not have problems in arriving.

Recommendation to order: Fugazzeta rellena, Napolitana, Provolone, Fainá. Drink: Moscato



The pizzeria Angelin is one of the references of Villa Crespo neighborhood. It works there since 1938.

The decoration and distribution of the place is a typical Buenos Aires pizzeria. Without a doubt, visiting this pizzeria is like a trip to the past.

The attention of the waiters is also to highlight, it resembles the waiters of the 80 ‘, of those who did not need to write at the time of taking the order.

Recommendation to order: pizza canchera, fugazzeta rellena, muzzarella. Drink: Moscato


El Mazacote

If you are willing to get away from the tourist area of San Telmo, this is a very good option.

Located in the neighborhood of Monserrat, this pizzeria remains the same as when it first opened back in 1981. Even some of its clients seem to have been caught in time.

If you have the opportunity, eat at the bar and see the dynamics between waiters, cooks, all staff. Far from using systems that include screens, tablets or any technology to register the order, the staff seems to communicate by telepathy.

The waiter approaches the bar, it seems that he recites his order on the air, all the rest of the staff records it. But while they keep talking with their customers, prepare orders and continue cooking. Then the order is perfect (no errors due to system crashes).

Recommendation to ask: fainazzeta, fugazzeta rellena, muzzarella. Dessert: flan with dulce de leche and cream.


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