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If you want to visit a typical Buenos Aires restaurant, you have to visit a Bodegon.

Many of these bodegones were declared sites of cultural interest under the motto of “remarkable bars.”

These places seem detained in time, and far from modernization, they decided to leave their dishes with the original recipes that were prepared many years ago.

It is not only the experience of eating in these places, but also the environment, the staff and the customers, make visiting these places a cultural immersion.

El Refuerzo

El Refuerzo is our favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires for many reasons, mainly for the quality of their dishes.

Its look recalls the old bars of San Telmo, nothing luxurious, but with very good taste.

Their portions are very generous, quietly to share. Our strategy, for 2 people, is to order a starter to share and then a main dish to share, it is more than enough.

The prices are totally in accordance with the quality of the food, neither expensive nor cheap.

Although the menu is not very extensive, there is a wide variety that ranges from salads, sandwiches, pastas and meats.

Recommendation to ask: ojo de bife with potatoes and grilled vegetables, comes with chimichurry and salsa criolla. Dessert, flan with dulce de leche.


El Gijon

A classic of Montserrat, the staff has been the same for at least 20 years. The attention is very good.

It has tables on the sidewalk that are very useful. If you sit inside it is likely that you leave with a bit of a fried smell, that’s the bodegones …

His menu is very varied and the dishes usually to share. The price is very affordable.

Recommendation to ask: rabas, tortilla, milanesas. Dessert flan with dulce de leche


Spiagge di Napoli

In the heart of Boedo, a tango neighborhood, is this old Bodegon with more than 90 years of history.

It is still in the hands of the founding family, which is already in its fourth generation in the attention of this restaurant.

The closest thing to an Italian canteen that can be found in the city. They knew how to maintain their style and quality in the dishes throughout the years.

It is a reference when we talk about pasta, with a wide variety of pasta and sauces to combine, from the most classic and traditional, to those with snails.

The quality of their products is similar to that prepared by any Italian grandmother.

Recommendation to ask: fusilli al fierrito with scarparo sauce. Dessert: budin de pan, postre de la nona.


El Federal

Witness to the history of San Telmo neighborhood, with its more than 150 years, the Federal was mutating and adapting to each era.

It tells the story that in its origins it was a pantry, at some point it housed a brothel and finally established itself as a bodegon.

This is one of the places you should visit in Buenos Aires, if you do not have time to eat something offered by your menu, at least sit down for a coffee and contemplate the architecture and decoration of this place.

Recommendation of what to order. Milanesas, tortilla.



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