As you know, in our bike tours, we visit Caminito in La Boca, one of the highlights of Buenos Aires city, there you have the opportunity to appreciate for free the bike sculpture that dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei presents in the path of the Fundación Proa museum.

Ai Weiwei Bike Sculpture at Fundacion Proa in Caminito Area
Ai Weiwei Bike Sculpture at Fundacion Proa in Caminito Area

There are thousands of assembled bicycles, which form a semicircular shape, all the same, of the same color, without the seats, pedals or handlebars. It is a tribute to the memories of the author’s childhood, when having a quality bicycle was a luxury for any Chinese home. And inside the museum, you can see a large collection of works by this amazing artist, made with materials as diverse as Lego pieces, sunflower seeds, bamboo fibers, polished woods or inflated latex. It is fantastic and amazing this show, of great international level.

Ai Weiwei Bike Sculpture at Fundacion Proa in Caminito Area - Close Up Shot
Close Up Shot of Ai Weiwei Bike Sculpture at Fundacion Proa in Caminito Area
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