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Ice cream is a classic Porteños‘ dessert. Many times the plan for a family on weekends is just going for an ice cream.

As mentioned before there are many and very good ice cream parlors in Buenos Aires.

Our problem is that we tried the best ice cream shop in the world, which is Cadore, so then it is impossible to go to another place …


My hand does not shake when I write that Cadore is the best ice cream shop in the world, or at least it is in the top 10.

It is not something that only we say, Cadore was ranked several times as one of the best ice cream parlors in the world by different prestigious organizations, such as National Geographic.

Since its founding in 1957, the ice cream shop is in the hands of the same family. The family environment is very noticeable, those who work there are united by a family or emotional bond, which makes them commit to their work and the product is extraordinary.

Flavor recommendations you´ll love to order: dulce de leche, sambayon, chocolate amargo.


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