Yes, Buenos Aires is the most bike friendly city in Latin America. The city is full of bike lanes and, furthermore, the City Center is closed for private cars on week days during work hours.

Yes, it’s really easy because Buenos Aires is flat, so, having no hills, it doesn’t demand lot of effort.

La Boca has a bad reputation, but the tourist areas of La Boca are usually covered and it’s generally safe.

In that case we recommend you join one of our half day bike tours. They are easy because Buenos Aires City doesn’t have hills and riding is generally easy .

Unfortunately being able to ride a bike is a requirement. If you book a bike tour and you can’t ride a bike, the tour will depart without you and you won’t get any refund.

We recommend you wear confortable clothes to ride a bike. We also recommend you wear light colors during summer time, when it’s hot, and a jacket in winter, when it’s cold.

Yes, if it’s a regular backpack you could leave it at the meeting point.