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Traditional mate and chipa

Mate Drinking Tradition

    Mate drinking tradition is a typical habit from Argentina that wakes enormous curiosity among visitors who arrive to the country. It is an infusion of yerba (Ilex Paraguariensis, a kind of herb) that’s produced in the North of Argentina, mainly… Read More »Mate Drinking Tradition

    Centro Cultural Kirchner at Paseo del Bajo

    Paseo del Bajo

      With a very visible French style and surrounded by historic buildings, Paseo del Bajo is one of our favorite areas in Buenos Aires city. Table of Contents Features Paseo del Bajo This modern promenade is something that porteños and visitors… Read More »Paseo del Bajo

      Traditional Food Truck in Buenos Aires

      Economic Index

        In this article we are going to analyze the prices of a traditional food truck in Buenos Aires. We’ll make a comparison between the current prices (November 2020) and the prices of October 2018. There are different indexes we may… Read More »Economic Index